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Danmachi Hestia Game Ecchi

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However, keep them armor on the time hestia sex games. After he felt he'd effectively left Hestia without breathe, he backed up to look at her face. The slightly dazed expression, the adult game fairy tale adventure exception has occured blush, the harder breathing; it all made her that much more beautiful in his eyes.

He would have just stayed there to admire her but Rhea broke him out of that reverie, her honeyed voice whispering in his ear, "My-my, are game just going to look? Or are you going to give her gamees some attention?

Let it be known that while proper and responsible, within her own room Rhea quickly became the embodiment of a naughty kitty. Playful, teasing, challenging, and just about shameless; not that he was sex games on the phine better. Shier, submissive, at times hesitant adult game in sapce hestia sex games, but also curious and willing.

Raising his free hand he gently moved one of hestia sex games straps to her gown as she watched it all, still giving him her shy smile. Percy also noted that Rhea reached across his shoulder to move the other strap with him.

In all of three seconds both straps fell and with them, the gown itself to reveal suppled and full breasts. Again Percy paused to admire his wife, the thought of hestia sex games brought immense joy to him. His wives, after having taken their vows before Styx. His to love, to cherish, to support, to form a future with.

He noted that Hestia was hestia sex games to cover herself in embarrassment as he admired her but he quickly stopped that as he held her arms while looking hestia sex games her eyes, his gaze firm and encouraging. You never need to feel embarrassed or hide from us, okay? All he got was a teary smile and nod but from her eyes he could tell his words had far more weight and helped calm any doubts in her mind.

Without further ado he kissed her again, this time rougher and deeper as he sat back on his knees and bringing Hestia hetia his lap. Soon hesti he left her lips and started to trail down her neck as she softly mewled under his attention, her hands around his neck. Then he leaned her back just enough for his head to birth sex games dip and kiss her breasts.

She gasped as her grip hestia sex games him tightened. He smirked at her reaction and continued on with kisses and licks until he captured one hestia sex games and sucked on it gleefully.

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He flicked and nibbled on her nipple, loving every little twitch she made hestia sex games was surprised when she gave hestia sex games harder gasp. He glanced to his side to see that Rhea had sxe around him to fondle Hestia's left breast, squeezing and tweaking. He could practically feel Rhea's smirk and could guess she was having a field day … he would get to her soon enough though.

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Still, he refocused on Hestia as he felt Rhea vames from behind him, leaving him to switch targets and suck on her left breast, all to gwmes music of her moans. He let go of his castlerock adult game after bit to see that Hestia sex games was hestia sex games Hestia now, an absolutely devious glint in her eyes as she looked at him. Then, much to Hestia's shock and his guilty excitement, Rhea turned Hestia's head and kissed her, getting a surprised squeak from the younger goddess.

sex games hestia

More of Percy's blood rushed south as he watched as if in a trance as Hestia slowly melted into it and kissed hestia sex games, even going as far as moaning softly while Rhea's hands returned to their fondling.

After a few minutes of the show they broke apart with a strand of saliva between them, before both looked at him. If he hadn't been hard hestia sex games he was ready to punch through steel now, and judging by dex both glanced down, they toml adult game scene it. Hestia's mouth dropped open in shock as Rhea said that, the implications not being lost on them.

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It was their new home and the first full sex since becoming protogenoi, hestia sex games first since their unorthodox marriage. Rhea had already given him her reformed virginity and took his but now she willingly let Hestia consummate their union and proved to Hestia that she was equal.

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That got happy tears out of Hestia, to the point the goddess pulled Rhea in and gave her a thank you kiss much to Rhea's surprise. Percy got her meaning quick enough and hestia sex games while wrapping his arms around Hestia before pulling her closer.

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She cut of the moment he had her thighs around his head and he gave her quivering hestia sex games lips unsensor sex games strong kiss. Her glistening sex with a thin strip of hair above it, her scent and the taste of hestia sex games honey quickly took his focus.

He quickly moved past kisses and started to lick her, drawing out long moans as her hands found his head, dragging her fingers through his hair. All the while he felt hestia sex games boxers disappear and a soft hand wrapped around his length with wet warmth surrounding the head. He groaned at the feeling but that only served to excite Hestia more as her honey increased.

He quickly used his tongue, abusing the fact that his control was above most thanks to wolf traits, and exposed her little pearl, flicking it repeatedly. gzmes

games hestia sex

Her every little hitch and whimper was a melody to him, exciting him to no ends as his skilled tongue explored every inch. At times he would probe lower near her hestia sex games, just shy of actually entering her to tease her. After a few minutes he added a nibble to her clit and a strong suck, her reaction making hestia sex games all the sweeter.

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She gasped and rocked her hips on him, her thighs starting to squeeze but he slowed down much to her disappointed whine. He also felt Rhea leaving his member, thankfully not bringing him close hestia sex games he wanted to enjoy his first time with Hestia.

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Moving the panting hestia sex games down until she was hovering over his crotch, like Rhea he took one of Hestia's hands and interlaced their fingers while locking eyes with her. The love was evident as she gave hdstia a warm smile before surprising him and letting herself drop, completely sheathing herself in one go with a cry hrstia pain.

Percy was overwhelmed from the near burning hestia sex games and tightness to react any more than groaning with his hands jumping to her hips but Rhea covered that.

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She gently hugged Hestia from the side while kissing away the tears. They stood still for several minutes until Hestia spoke, her voice sweet and gentle as she smiled down at him.

games hestia sex

He gave her a smile in return and sat up, hugging her hestia sex games him while whispering, "And I'm yours too. Percy then returned his attention to Hestia, silently asking for permission to move.

games hestia sex

She gave him a nod and he used his arms to slowly move her up, hestia sex games in tune with hestoa, and then brought her down sharply. Hestia gasped but didn't protest as he repeated the action, adding hip thrusts for extra pressure as Hestia melted in his gqmes.

Soon Hestia started to bounce of her own accord, her arms like a vice around his neck. Rhea wasn't idle either as she was behind Hestia, fondling her again hestia sex games making Hestia cry out even more. Percy for his sex games to make me cum was focusing on not coming vames soon but Hestia's heat and tightness was making hsstia a tough task, along with the sight before him, he was sure his defeat was imminent but Hestia looked like she might be resisting for a while.

Apparently Rhea thought that as well and considering that she was probably insanely horny at this point; what with her and Percy having been limited to only some play after decades of having been very active with each other, patience was not her strong suit tonight. Hestia sex games a Cheshire grin Rhea reached around and started to rub Hestia's pearl, eliciting a shocked gasp from the goddess of fire.

The assault on multiple fronts was quickly becoming overwhelming on the goddess and it was only now that Percy realized there was literal steam coming of anywhere he and Hestia had skin contact, especially between their joining.

Hewtia added more strength to his thrusting, much to Hestia's delight, his hestia sex games member pulsing with an approaching release but he tried to hold out for a little longer. Deciding that fair play wasn't in the books tonight he latched his mouth around Hestia's free breast, sucking hard as he pounded into her.

Hestia gave another shocked cry but she drowned hestiz out when he felt her walls clamp down on him and she threw her head back.

sex games hestia

The pressure was too much and with a growl that sounded suspiciously like Hestia's name, he came within her as well, yestia another longer and drawn out hestla from her as his wings also came out. Black guys play vr sex games within their throws of passion, Percy's wings enveloped the smaller goddess, covering her in a feathered blanket of cool darkness.

He held onto her, their foreheads hestia sex games together hestia sex games they looked into each other's eyes. Once they got down from their high they gave each other goofy smiles before Percy whispered, "I love you.

They panted together for a few minutes, simply relishing in the afterglow of their first time together.

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Percy simply loved the feeling of having her this close, in the embrace of his wings and hestiq of her smile. It was after they recovered a little more that Hestia spoke. You were amazing regardless. That got a brighter smile out of her before she grinned with a glint of mischief in her eyes and leaned hestia sex games his ear.

sex games hestia

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