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Feb 5, - That rate jumped to 90% among adult mass murders. . In , Field's mother called after he attacked her for telling him to stop playing a video game. friends through playing video games online and spending time together in . What once were groups with leaders and membership lists are now.

Full transcript: Ars interviews 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan

Considering all of the companies involved are American, this doesn't surprise me. I don't even think the UK would bother with it much if it weren't for Milo.


It just doesn't affect anybody outside of American culture, thank god. There was a period when a bunch of people had a conspiracy theory about how DiGRA I've never heard of DiGRA until just now, but that's hilarious.

I just assumed that the whole thing is just massive trolling, with the mark adult game 8chan list anyone who takes any of it seriously. I think what yarrel meant, is that GamerGate was always adult game 8chan list misogynistic views and attacks, as has been described in a number of articles about its origins. Inciting or participating in cross-board intra-4chan raids is also not permitted.

list 8chan adult game

The official reason was along the lines of "I don't want to host another Project Chanology," but it probably had more to do with the fact that moot was closely involved with at least one Gawker Adult game 8chan list employee[1] and spoke at XOXO[2] alongside numerous companies and organizations that the Gamergate movement is adversarial towards.

Adult game 8chan list all you like. I'm not making any judgement pro or anti Gamergate in this post, I'm just pointing out a rather large conflict of interest. MrDom on Jan 21, I don't know why this is downvoted. Adylt is involved with somebody at Gawker Media.

list 8chan adult game

If he is getting social pressure about "sexist" or "misogynistic" content, like pervycreeper claims, it's not adult game 8chan list afult line to suggest she could be a huge influence on his behavior. What's weird about the idea that he would have a friend in the online publishing community with shared views on a controversial topic?

list 8chan adult game

What's weird about the idea that somebody you're sleeping with could affect your judgement? It's naive and presumptuous. Have it your way, though.

game list adult 8chan

There's nothing naive and presumptuous about it in the least, it's an ethical violation that wouldn't fly by most professional standards and there are vast tracts of legal adult game 8chan list most people adhere adult game 8chan list which define those boundaries, no matter what a small group of hacks suppose.

We can hope at the least they won't soapbox to their readership that they are assholes for calling them c8han It really isn't anything like what you describe, BgSpnners. That's as far as I care to pursue it.

Advertiser boycotts

Thank you for refusing to engage. You make 159233668 sex games,us rest of us look so damned good. You disagree, but you won't say why? You 8cyan we're wrong, but won't say why?

Adult game 8chan list a good way to encourage open debate. I only mention it because it explains why he doesn't want to actually debate the topic. I only do columns now and then for TC. Neither of those things has any bearing on me 'refusing to engage. But I know you'll choose to believe what best advances your existing prejudice. I choose adult game 8chan list believe what I can prove. You provide nothing of substance.

Empty words and air.

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What does that have to do with Moot? That's not what conflict of adult game 8chan list means. Uhhrrr on Jan 21, The journalist involved in the initial scandal worked for Kotaku, a Gawker site. The initial scandal was that Nathan Grayson uptodown adult game download been friends with the relatively unknown developer of Depression Quest for a long time, to the point of getting thanked in the credits of the game.

He then plugged it, here: And also covered her here: Which could have been resolved with a simple apology and adding disclosure to adult game 8chan list articles, but several major game sites instead responded with such a storm of ridiculous charges that game journalism was instantly sullied even more than it already was.

Because of this, GamerGate has been poorly covered in most game sites and rags like TechCrunch, so it's not surprising that you hadn't vame of this.

game 8chan list adult

The initial scandal was Zoe Quinn's ex posting a long adult game 8chan list screed about his breakup, designed to get people to attack her. I'd say its primary purpose was to get people to avoid her, but any interested parties can read the whole thing. Greg Lisby on this topic: Adult game 8chan list would say not disclosing something that's clearly a potential conflict of interest is scandalous. That Devin, a writer for TechCrunch adult game 8chan list is It's pretty sad how all it took was time and a thin coat of feminist paint for HN to forget how the klub adult game and morally bankrupt these clickbait "journalists" are.

I'm glad my position has been instructive! The amount of cognitive dissonance you practice is astounding. Koahku on Jan 21, Because GamerGate was brewing to become the new chanology, which would have been a disaster for the whole website.

As for 8chan I guess it's because its address was being spammed constantly on every board and it's also considered advertising. That would be grounds for banning advertisment, not mention. As it stands, at least as of a couple months ago, even using the words "gamergate" or "8chan" earned you a three day automatic global ban.

If the original chanology wasn't a disaster, why would gamergate be one? Discussion of Gamergate has been taken down in some form from every major communications platform other than to my limited knowledge 8chan and twitter. BryantD on Jan 21, I would state this slightly differently: In some cases, that discussion involves GamerGate.

It is possible to construct a adult game revieer theory in which GamerGate is being censored, but given the existence of say http: JanneVee on Jan 21, Also to fuel the conspiracy theory we have a recent ABC Nightline piece[0] which has 28, downvotes and 1, upvotes about the contentious issue.

Also heavily censored comments where some of the removed comments only criticize the content of it and don't attack any specific adult game 8chan list in it. While comments like "4: How is it possible for a person to look so grotesque? In no way am I stating an opinion, just adding something I observed to your comment: I verified this by asking "who is Zoe Quinn?

When people say totally nonpermitted discussion they might mean something like that. Again, no opinion, just context. Perfectly polite non-offensive discussions doa inspired sex games Adult game 8chan list and related topics were removed. Also completely polite dissent in comments from under multiple articles on guardian and verge for example. KotakuInAction was only reddit thread allowed to best virtual sex games - and was not allowed to mention gamergate initially.

Deletion comment of widely popular reviewer who screen-capped it and then tweeted to his followers was head scratching moment.

8chan list game adult

Same happened to british journalist who was harassed in relation to the controversy. Adult game 8chan list commented under guardian article and her comment was deleted. She was kinda angry afterwards. Futanari rape sex games, I think that's a fair clarification.

It doesn't feel like censorship until your particular cause or group or agency is liwt one that comes under the boot.

list 8chan adult game

The existence of KiA doesn't prove that GG isn't being censored. That and KiA was recently threatened a ban from the admins for their boycott campaigns against companies. Admins have said that you cannot link to a public representative of a company as it would constitute doxing. Torgo on Jan 21, adult game 8chan list It appears that the classification of any discussion at all, short of total condemnation was considered by many places to be "abusive".

I have never in my life seen such aggressive comment-filtering, almost everywhere, as related to this topic. It adult game 8chan list a reaction to "sea lioning" where GG seems to be injected into every possible discussion and once flagged as off topic and adult game maxs life version the conspiracy theory of "censorship" is fueled.

8chan adult list game

Reddit itself does not ban it. What is the reason for Facebook to remove content related to GamerGate?

8chan adult list game

I don't gamd why am I getting down voted for asking a question. Talking about GamerGate on any forum will get you the craziest vote brigading you've ever seen. My original post went from 8 upvotes to -1 in less than a day. God forbid you use the hashtag on Twitter. It's like summoning demons from all sides of the argument. Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit. The Next Chapter — moot retires from 4chan 8chan can't be mentioned because it's a competitor I adult game 8chan list Crito on Jan 21, You suppose that banning agme of 8chsn actually drove adoption of 8chan, which might be true.

ANTSANTS on Jan 21, That's fair, but then he shouldn't have been surprised when his site started hemorrhaging users adult game 8chan list were there entirely for the freedom of speech they enjoyed.

game list adult 8chan

Kalium on Jan 21, I agree, the two are very different. PhasmaFelis on Adult game 8chan list 22, Man, not 24 hours ago you tried to convince us all that an article did not contain certain information, when any literate person could see that it did.

Kalium on Jan 21, I've actually had arguments with people who believe drunk driving is the fault of "the system" for not making transit instant and free for adult game 8chan list. Kalium on Jan 21, This particular person believed that 8chzn out and getting drunk was a basic human right, and that having to be responsible for your own transportation infringed on that right. BgSpnnrs on Jan 21, He posted his number privately in order to facilitate an interview adult game 8chan list the topic at hand.

Crito on Jan 22, If I configure gwme home router to use OpenDNS, such that my children cannot access internet pornography or extremist forums such as 4chan or 8chan for examplethat is a form of censorship, yes?

Crito on Jan 21, Sex games joanna sweet and tiffany a world where there are your vocal cords, pens, and printing presses.

Mar 17, - Also, the US is actually not very friendly towards disabled adults. They were gonna take away the nanny, they were having sex, so he didn't wanna do that. At that time, I just used the computer to play games, Neopets, things like that. and video game servers, everything that grows up around 4chan.

Crito on Jan 21, What is the line between "enabling" and "not stopping"? Crito on Jan 22, I more or less agree.

8chan list game adult

Karunamon on Jan 21, Would young college sex games care to elaborate on this further? Karunamon on Jan 21, And yet, what is GG known for? Karunamon on Jan 21, I do want to be convinced, by facts and logic rather than adult game 8chan list rhetoric. Karunamon on Jan 21, This double standard absolutely boggles my mind, especially in the company of the people who usually inhabit this website. MrDom on Jan 22, especially in the company of the people who usually inhabit this website.

Uhhrrr adult game 8chan list Jan 22, I'm sympathetic to GG, but that name stuff is too close to dox for my taste. MrDom on Jan 22, I actually had to look up what doxxing is!

game 8chan list adult

Uhhrrr on Jan 22, I think it's not worth talking about them at all - IMO the journalist reaction to the scandal is most interesting.

Ault on Jan 22, You know what's really funny?

Karunamon on Jan 22, As mentioned in my previous post, with citations, this is plainly untrue. MrDom adult game 8chan list Jan 8chxn, Read this article and tell me how this is overblown. MrDom on Jan 22, You're not as far off as you think. MrDom on Jan 22, The evidence is in the article.

list adult game 8chan

MrDom on Jan 22, He provides links to facts and actual emails. Does he pass your sniff-test? He Names The Jew all the time, but is he just controlled opposition, a shill for the Jews, because he endorses Trump? But then, what about me? And you are a paranoid, divisive asshole that talks like a jigaboo. This JimB is an idiot. And the voters here are idiots too. So, you are adult game 8chan list others falsely! You are not adult game 8chan list a complete idiot for believing David Duke is just a well meaning pro-White leader who got a little confused by the 4d chess of politics.

You are a hypocrite as without any morals as well. Adult game 8chan list of Reason characteristic of Jewish subversion in the pro white cause: Make the goy hate those whom the Jews have as an enemy, ie: Jews dault and promoted poisonous ideologies that alienated women feminismwhites progressismblacks victimism adultt who are destroying white nations.

Felicia Day's public details put online after she described Gamergate fears | Games | The Guardian

But according to altright, you do not should blame the Jews, but rather those that the Jews alienated. The last comment des JimB had 5 likes in 2 minutes.

Be specific, because you seem to know so much, right, asshole? Or are you just pulling your guess-timate out of your ass, like katemayer? As I said 95 percent is a conservative figure. It needs reason, instinct and adult game 8chan list to detect many of the false fronts which jews and masons have erected.

You are an idiot or an adult game 8chan list.

list 8chan adult game

And a certified asshole too. So shut the fuck up and post a video you whining faggot. Was gamr ever any intense social situation—and what was your young life like as a result of that? I remember in when Chanology was going on, I was a little bit into that. It was very simple to do. Make the first however many bytes of the file an actual image, then append another file to the end.

I remember one time, I downloaded one of these files, and it had an executable file at the end. You open the executable and it was disguised as a zip archive. It completely destroyed my computer, I remember that, during Sex games vegas cherokee stuff.

Since then, 4chan has blocked that. Other than that really crazy imageboard experience… people like to paint everything that happens there as really evil.

Aduult all people really do is post pictures and make jokes. What would you adult game 8chan list are the strengths and weaknesses of chan adult game 8chan list way people talk on the Internet, the way acult goes—as someone versed enough and has built chan gamd of your own?

list adult game 8chan

You can just adult game 8chan list coming back over and over again. Adult game 8chan list can put a name if you want, but the default is anonymous, or nothing at all. Other named communities that I was on, when it would come out that I was severely disabled, people started treating me differently, you know. Yeah, discourse got worse on forums and stuff. On typical discussion boards. I remember back on a forum that I was on, teen girls sex games thread full of stupid jokes about crippled people—oh, they ran over my foot, I hate this guy.

When it came out who I really was, the moderator deleted that thread, because they thought it was offensive. The only thing you have to judge a post by is if it sounds right to you.

When the disclosed names are not the participants. When the disclosed names are not? A thread like that can start. Everybody in the thread will try to outdo each other with their Internet detective skills, to see whatever they can come up with. But in practice, the only thing we store about the user is the IP. Every site has this same problem. At so-and-so, I know adult game 8chan list you live, this is it, and then paste the address, which is enough for adult game 8chan list character limit [sic].

On 8chan and illegal content.

Moot tried for years to stop it. When I first ran 8chan, everyone thinks it started in Sept text based sex games with gifs, but I actually ran 8chan anonymously for six months or more, from Oct to May or June Somebody searched for the keywords Frederick and Mechanical Turks and came up c8han my personal webpage for the freelance service I was providing. Those pieces of data were adult game 8chan list together in Mayand unlike the previous two times I was doxed, this time, I just decided I was going to own it.

After it happened, I put in the footer of every 8chan page, audlt Fredrick Brennan. I did not receive one phone call; nobody ordered me pizza. When adult game 8chan list came over [from 4chan], it was really helpful to be able to speak as myself. My dox was already out there.

I know what you mean. A lot of them, who do things like this, are committing crimes. Which is the most common troll tactic that they adult game 8chan list. They call the pizza place and make the person do cash-on-delivery. The pizza guy comes and wants money. The problem is, once the call is already made, the person doing it is obviously a criminal.

list 8chan adult game

Making a [false] police report is a criminal act. Even if his IP is banned, he can find another one. Unless you comply with a police request, adult game 8chan list is the only confirmed identity. How do you gzme about that? That seems like an intense sort of day job. Is Mark Zuckerberg responsible?

8chan list game adult

That happened on 4chan recently, somebody on liat killed their girlfriend—. In that case, did that person adult game 8chan list that post have their identifying info up on a platform like Facebook?

A lot of people call Twitter out specifically, saying, Twitter, you allow anonymous things to adult game 8chan list, therefore, some of adklt really bad things are on your head. They will say that articles like this one that link GamerGate with online misogyny and terrorizing of women discredit their real concerns about ethical journalism and the dangers of political correctness.

They accuse Quinn, Sarkeesian, and others of falsifying and over-blowing threats against them for sympathy and publicity and money. They claim that such threats are the work of online agent provocateurs working to denigrate the real message of GamerGate. There is a shred of truth hiding somewhere underneath the GamerGate claims.

The call for adulf and honest journalism, in any industry, is hardly amiss. Adult game 8chan list members of the now-defunct list were professionals in the gaming industry and journalists.

list adult game 8chan

Started by Kyle Orland of tech website Ars 8cyanthe group held conversations that some have interpreted as collusion between journalists and the industry those journalists are paid to cover. Orland did discuss the Gjoni acting sex games video Quinn issue in GameJournoPro, and the leaking of those adult game 8chan list email conversations has provided GamerGate with ammunition in their accusations about the insular and secretive nature of video game journalism.

game 8chan list adult

But these complaints about ethics in journalism are not unique to video games, nor do they justify the actions that GamerGate supporters have directed at Quinn and Sarkeesian.

GamerGate is not about the ethics of journalism. But by trying to insulate gamer culture from outside influence, gamers enter a feedback loop of sexism and intimidation, waging misogynistic attacks on women who critique the presence of misogyny, or trying to silence their opponents relistic sex games the name of free speech.

Women and men have spoken out against GamerGate since its inception on Twitter, blogs, as well as gaming and online news sources. Some high profile names in movies, adult game 8chan list, and games have joined in. I don't like how the forum is generally ignored, 8chab I just HATE FA for support, or how Patreon is only updated once in a lis leaving the people lit provide my income in the blue.

So it can be frustrating. Adult game 8chan list he does what is asked for, which is generally the most important thing of a producer. We ask for an.

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News:4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with As of , the /b/ (Random), /v/ (Video games), /a/ (Anime and Manga), and /s/ . ALSO, THE GAME. Gawker's Nick Douglas summarized /b/ as a board where "people try to shock, entertain, and coax free porn from each other.

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