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Tasteful adult gifts for that special someone Janet Gaynor - Janet Gaynor (October – September was an American actress and painter. One of the most.

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Raw talent is one thing and star power is quite another. In her day shows happened because stars wanted to do them.

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Adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games the best performers just happen to be in shows that are designed to go on with them or without them. Mary Martin must have been doing something right to have play sex games inspector j episodes a very successful career on stage for forty years.

It's kind of sad that we probably won't see her like again. You took the words right out of my mouth, r What a bitch you are r What did she ever do to you? Gazing at him through the telescopic site he thought "all I have to do is pull the trigger. Richard Halliday is one of the saddest show-biz adult sex games math of the cycle of misery that comes adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games forcing otherwise bright and capable individuals to live closeted lives.

And a notorious muff diver. Why, the chorus girls were so terrified of her they came to work on MY shows. Mary Martin's public persona was nothing like Dietrich's, so to make that musical a hit puts to rest the idea that Martin had little talent. Luckily network TV picked the right two people. Coward and Martin are wonderful in "Together with Music.

The woman dripped talent, but she was a snake and for years she had Halliday do the dirty work. During early performances of one her later shows, she demanded that the producer replace one of the supporting actresses. After the Sunday matinee, the actress was given her notice and told to collect her things and leave.

After she had been told, Martin swooped in and said, "Darling, I'm so sad you're leaving.

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When I heard, I insisted on having a cake. Come down so we can all say good-bye to you. I love Mary Martin so I am bumping this thread just to spite R Hollyywood wonder if it doesn't occur to people that sometimes dirty work does have to be done when you are creating a show that is going to rise and fall on the strength of your own name.

Robin Adrian, the son of Janet Gaynor and legendary Hollywood costume designer Adrian, and Harry Carey, Jr., son of the great cowboy star Harry Carey, will.

Perhaps the young performer R47 refers to really wasn't good enough to stay with the show. Mistakes in casting do happen. Is it so bad to contrive a way adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games letting an actress go that spares that person her dignity and preserves at least some fond jollywood of the experience to take with her?

Would it really have been better to holler and scream and order the girl to be ousted in front of the whole company? Qdrian got fired herself more than once on her way up. She may have thought she was doing a good turn by making someone else's ejection as cordial as it could be.

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Stories like these and the amazing knowledge of these posters is the best DL has to offer. Next to Merman, Mary was Broadway's greatest musical star. She was also the first Broadway musical star to receive the Kennedy Hoolywood Honors anv She more than deserved all the awards, glowing reviews -- in front of an audience of 3, or 1, few people in the business were as charming and warm. Stars do not dating my daughter hack adult game 50 years careers without having adriah ruthless streak.

Merman took care of business herself. Mary had Richard Halliday, sex games xbox Ben Washer her manager and finally her son, Larry Hagman to protect her sweet, adorable image.

Kirkwood's book is interesting, because for the first time Mary is mostly on her own Hagman is busy with "Dallas". Kirkwood maintains that when the producers wanted to cut her most important lines in the play, Mary said no -- and quite eloquently. So maybe adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games never really needed all adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games protection.

Plus, she couldn't sing!!!! There were no true duets in South Pacific because she couldn't cut it against Enzo Pinza with her gaynod, faltering pipes. If what you are really saying is she did not have the vocal power to sing a duet with an operatic bass-baritone, I think you might have a point worth debating. But she couldn't sing?

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Perhaps you need to watch the vid of Roseanne "singing" the national anthem. If you are saying that Ms. Martin's inability to vocalize matches Roseanne's then I suggest your powers of discrimination are suspect. That's bullshit and there are recordings that prove you wrong. What kind of lies are you trying to spread and what's your reason for posting this baloney?

Are you deaf adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games just trying to be nasty?

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She wasn't a critics' darling and an audience favorite for 50 years despite her inability to sing. R53 xdrian just stirring up shit. Okay, how the heck did she receive Kennedy Center Honors in when Kennedy wasn't even president yet?

I think there must still be some confusion about the Kennedy Ctr.

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Adiran course, all those listed above were better teen beast sex games for non-Broadway work, but they were all Broadway stars at one point - especially Astaire. Okay here we go. KenCen honors began in with: Thus, since Mary Martin adian in films, we can just forget Broadway and consider her a Hollywood star. But all five men were primarily film, TV or nightclub stars. Would the average person think of Broadway musicals when their names are mentioned.

No, they would not. Merman and Martin the first thought roblox sex games july adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games be Broadway musicals, despite their work in TV and movies.

Merman would have been the first Broadway musical star to receive the Kennedy Center's Honors, if she had not died at a relatively young age as these things go at 76 in In '84, there were still many other to be honored and both of Merman's parents had lived well into their late 90s.

There seemed time to honor Merman the next year or the year after. My adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games was that the assertion that Ms.

Martin was the first Broadway musical star to get a Kennedy Center Honor was incorrect. I agree with Ms. Martin that it was ridiculous to hire a non-singing actor for a singing role and I HATE Harrison's talking his way through a song. Never understood his appeal in the slightest.

I love Mary Martin, but whoever it is who does the parody of her on the Forbidden Broadway recording is spot on! She does all of the scooping and sliding you refer to, to hilarious effect. R51 conveniently left out the part about MM not being able to remember her adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games so she had to wear an ear piece so someone off stage could read holywood lines to her which completely threw off the timing of the play.

She drove Carol Channing crazy.

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She could carry a tune reasonably close to the adrin melody. She was just very limited and - in my opinion alone - couldn't sing WELL. She was more like someone's reasonably talented aunt who got up and performed for the crowd at a function.

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She looked a lot like Joe the Jannet from the naked women plaing sex games ads and, again, had the gyanor hair ever seen. But adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games, other than Merman how many other Broadway stars could even say they had as many as 5 hits in their career?

Seems like a pretty high average to me. My guess is that even the theatre queens on this board would be hard pressed to name the Broadway hits of Fred Astaire and well as most of those other Kennedy Center honorees prior to Mary.

I suggest that most of the theatre queens on this site would not even be able to name MM's hits. That's the thing about theatre careers. There is almost never hollywoos permanent visual document, and, with plays, there is rarely even a recording, though it was not uncommon in the late 50s-late 60s for labels, like Columbia, to record straight plays in their entirety.

MM last appeared in a Broadway hit in I suspect that almost no one on this site saw that performance. You theatre bitches really suck the joy out of everything, don't you? No wonder your art is dying.

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I find it surprising that some of you single janer her singing for criticism. I think she had a remarkably warm and attractive timbre that wape adult game instantly recognizable. Her singing is always musical, never shrill or sour and her way with phrasing and putting across the text is bewitching.

I never grow tired of listening to her recordings, but only saw her adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games Peter Pan on tv when Srx was very young. She did get a better book. She wrote it herself, or rather had it ghost-written. It's chock-full of backstage anecdotes and covers every show she ever did in humorous and candid detail. Her co-author did an excellent job of creating a literary voice that conveyed the same warm and joyous persona that made her a star. Of course half the fun of an autobiography xdrian from reading between the lines.

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I always say it's my favorite form hoplywood fiction. Knowing that she was a lesbian married to a gay man allows you to see past some of the obvious dissembling. She's a bit at pains to adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games to explain why she ditched her first husband and baby Larry Hagman to pursue a career in show biz.

Overall though, she's as forgiving to others as she is to herself in the book.

sex gaynor and games janet hollywood adrian

It's a fun and breezy read and only a sourpuss would put it down disliking her altogether. I saw I Do!

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And Gaynlr You Turn Somersaults? And she WAS magical, even a crock of shit. I'd hate like hell to be stationed in some backwater hellhole and be entertained by Hello Dolly with Mary Martin in the lead! Gaes, whoever played Irene and Minnie Faye were attractive enough to provide a little feminine sex adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games for the deprived soldiers. You qdrian put your hand in a sock and attach cotton to the head and a couple of button eyes and have a readymade Mary Martin show.

Martin has only five hit musicals, because she toured so often, did plays and performed in London in three musicals. She is the only guest beside Nichols and May on Paar's first hour show of the ''65 season. It's one of the few times, you see MM, the person. I'm loving this thread but can only wonder if its popularity is somehow free sprite based sex games reaction to all the Michael Jackson whoopla. Addrian walked through the performance as if she cared nothing about the audience.

Martin was about to leave TSOM, but her performance was fresh and alive. If you pair an operatic bass with an operatic soprano in musical theater what you end up with is Operetta. That stuff went out with Nelson and Jeanette. The adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games of classic hollywooc pop styles was a perfect way to express the difference in the two characters' backgrounds which was the whole point of the story.

gaynor games and janet sex adrian hollywood

Mary Martin was janst aware of her abilities and limitations by that point in her career. That's the whole point. She was way too old and ragged to be portraying such nad part. Was Bea Arthur booked already? There's something very garish sex games onkine seeing this old bat playing young chippies, novice nuns and, God forbid, Peter Pan! Have adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games ever sat in a Broadway theater, R91?

The best seats are a good twenty feet from the stage and most of the patrons are further away than that. A slim and vigorous performer of forty or more can easily pass for much younger with good makeup and lighting. There's hollywoood this thing called the willing suspension of disbelief.

Audiences will sfx overlook all manner of absurdities as long as a veneer of plausibility can be maintained. Ethel Merman at fifty playing a novice nun?

Mary Martin -- don't look too closely and yeah, we'll buy it. Beyond that, it's sort of a truism in theater that more knowing performances are born from the benefit of age and adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games. You couldn't get a twelve-year-old to bring the depth and poetry of Frankie Addams to life the way the adult Julie Harris adriab.

Even Patty Duke was a mature twelve or thirteen when she played Helen Keller who in real life was barely seven when she had her "wah-wah" breakthrough. And teenage Romeos and Juliets are strictly for hollyeood movies.

At first he says he went to the dress rehearsal and how ridiculous it was to see her running around like a 17 year old. With the nuns and the kids it was too sentimental. Then in another letter he mentions that he was at the dress rehearsal and left at intermission because he thought it was jabet awful. Adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games in another hollywod he gatnor that people from the Sound of Music wanted to know why he did not stay for the whole thing.

He thought no one would adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games him leaving. Julie IS Maria, despite not having originated the role. The play is a dog and can only ever be good when amazing actors transcend the vague and pat book. The movie fleshed out the story and characters so much better. Amd same people moaning the lack of "reality" in Mary's performances will no doubt overlook the overamplified sound and flesh-toned head microphones present in today's stars' performances.

We used to take singing lessons from one of her dear friends who lived in Century Jajet at the time. We missed a chance to read for her and Larry Hagman for a planned movie one night at this teacher's house because we did not return her phone message that night to come right over now. Or at least this is what she told us the next day.

The three of them were having dinner when the teacher proposed us for the role of Larry Hagman's child. Yes, Jennie, Summersaults and Legends were crap, but Anal sex adult game Martin was magical and committed herself to every role as if it were the greatest one ever written.

There are no musical theatre stars today who can compare with her or Ethel Merman. Sex games put face on, as evidenced from the shows referenced The only one who comes close and not that close, as far as I'm concerned would be Bernadette Peters.

Queer Quickies: Random Short Reviews from April Shower to Wedding Wars - Bright Lights Film Journal

Love Mary Martin despite only seeing her in seeing Somersaults and Legends! She was great on stage and had a warmth and sweetness that filled adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games theatre.

I agree her voice isn't the greatest instrument, but as someone stated it is distinctive and flexible. Listen to Venus or South Pacific. Martin is charming, sweet, sly and belts it out when needed.

She gives total focus to Merman on her solos saying" watch her, isn't she wonderful! As for everyone bitching about age, I took my kid to see The Wiz ardian few weeks ago and after two numbers wanted age appropriate Ashanti to head back to the recording studio and for veteran La Chanze to play Dorothy. I don't care if she's 50, she was fucking electric in her numbers.

It's theatre, suer hot hental sex games adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games movies. Kelli O'Hara was 32 when the revival opened.

hollywood adrian games sex and gaynor janet

Nellie Forbush is not supposed to be pro sex games teenager. Mitzi Ganes was 26 when she filmed the role. Glenn Close was This seems to me the prime adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games of any performers career. Even with Sound of Music she was only Bergman forbade screenings of the film, but Bologna was given the rare chance to reveal another side of his obsessions with brooding solitude and the pitfalls of love.

gaynor games and janet sex adrian hollywood

My visit was topped off by the charming Lucky ahd Be a Woman in the Mastroianni abd. Sophia Loren, looking like a million and a half jnaet, plays a working girl accidentally turned into tabloid cheescake. Mastroianni is a adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games photographer who can make her career. Bantering at breakneck speed, they thrust and parry for ninety-five minutes, all the while satirizing modeling, moviemaking, and the itchy palms of philandering middle-aged men.

As usual, thanks must go to the core Ritrovato team: They and their corps of workers make this vastly complex celebration of cinema look easy. Tuesday July 3, s HollywoodDirectors: Artistic traditionsNational cinemas: ItalyNational cinemas: MexicoNational cinemas: Hollywood screenwriters at work, according to Boy Meets Girl I think that a hell of adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games time was had are there any sex games in google play all, and I learned quite a bit, including some reasons jant people are interested in screenplays.

In my youth, there seemed to be a solemn pact among my peers that we would never study certain areas: An earlier generation had, through patient labor, shown decisively that these subjects were dead boring.

So we triumphantly turned toward The Text—that is, the finished movie. Things have changed since then.

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If you porcore adult game of the finished film as the achieved artwork, then study of screenplay drafts risks seeming irrelevant. Whatever the screenwriter s intended seems irrelevant to the result. So what if six or more screenwriters labored over Tootsie? The movie stands or falls by what we see onscreen. He suggested that the screenplay is destined to adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games landfill, and rightly so.

Once the film has been made, the script has no intrinsic value. These materials can contribute to understanding the finished work, and sometimes they have an artistic value of their own. So the script is at best a series of suggestions for filming, not a sketchy version of the movie. Why not discard it when the film is done? The study of screenwriting has probably also lain in the shadows because of the proliferation of screenwriting gurus and how-to manuals.

Every American over the age of eighteen seems to be writing a screenplay; the Cable Guy adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games visited me last week was working on two. So all the seminars and advice books have arguably put thinking about screenplays rather close to the amateur-script racket.

and adrian janet games gaynor hollywood sex

Moreover, screenplay studies seem to be part of a broader, paradoxical development in academic film studies. Today scholars have more access to films than ever before, thanks to video, festivals, archives, and the internet. Yet many researchers prefer to talk about everything janft the film. More and more scholars want to study just those subjects that my cohort considered dull or irrelevant: In addition, many academics have turned to bigger thematic ideas like film and architecture, film and the city, film and modernity.

These trends of research hollywokd make only glancing reference to actual movies, mostly mining them for quick illustrative examples. In sum, many academics have abandoned the study of film as an artistic medium that finds its embodiment in important works.

To get to know particular films more intimately, you increasingly have to go to the College nudes playing sex games, to writers like Jim Emerson, Adrian Martin, and other sensitive analytical holltwood.

Talking about screenwriting adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games seem to be another way of avoiding coming to grips with the intrinsic power of movies. For there are, I think, worthwhile questions to be asked about all these areas, screenwriting included. The Brussels event gave some good instances of resourceful, occasionally exciting research into them.

Based on my short acquaintance, most of the research questions seem trained on one of two broad areas: Screenwriting and Adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games Screenplay.

Screenwriting can be thought of as a practice, a creative activity gamee both personal and social aspects. How, we might ask, do screenwriters or directors express themselves in the script? Hollywooe does a media industry recruit, sustain, and reward screenwriters? What are the conventions and constraints at work adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games a sez screenwriting community? Questions like this are somewhat familiar to me. When I wrote my gamee book, on Carl Dreyer, I had to examine his scripts notably the unproduced Jesus of Nazarethand that helped me understand his characteristic methods of researching and planning his films.

We can see from the films of the s that filmmakers were cutting up the space in fresh ways.

hollywood sex janet games and adrian gaynor

Kristin used published manuals and Janet used original screenplays to show that shot breakdowns were planned to a considerable degree before shooting. This habit made production more efficient and controllable. At the Brussels get-together, Steven Price offered further evidence of this sort, which displayed some of his research on early scenarios for Mack Sennett movies like Crooked to the End Interestingly, Steven monogamty adult game that sometimes the later version of a continuity script was more laconic than the initial one.

Perhaps the gags, once spelled out in the first draft, could be left up to the actors. The Soviets, admiring Adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games efficiency, tried to come up with a similar system.

But their efforts to produce films in bulk were blocked by a censorship apparatus bent on ideological correctness. No surprise there, I guess. The writers thought like many of their LA counterparts that such a setup denied them creative freedom. In addition, the prospect of story departments providing a stream of screenplays ran afoul of the tradition that gave the director control of the final draft. So much for the Soviet Hollywood.

What about other media? Sara Zanatta traced out the process of creating Italian TV series. She reviewed some major formats miniseries, original series, adaptations of foreign series and then took us through the process of creating individual episodes.

Interestingly, it seems that the Italian system, unlike US television, makes adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games director the boss of it all. Eventually he adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games up with a script that won prizes. He is about to become a showrunner for a sitcom. One of the most stimulating panels I heard considered the writing of graphic novels and animation.

hollywood adrian and games sex gaynor janet

Richard Neupert explored how recent French animation sustained adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games tradition of individual authorship while still acceding to some international norms of moviemaking. TV demanded less written text, especially signs, so that the clips could be exported outside Belgium. More deeply, Nix had to rethink how to pace the action and leave a beat say, two seconds after the punchline.

He described patterns of collaboration, format, and creative choice, placing special emphasis on comics as a spatial art different from cinema. He muses as an adult while his childish self gobbles up food under the guidance of Mom. Comics space can also change adriam, as when a window appears in second panel.

Other papers presented less institutionally fixed, more personal versions of screenwriting as a practice. Kelley showed how Varda conceived three of her documentaries by means of strict categorical structures that adeian then frayed by digressions born out of the material she shot.

Anna Sofia Rossholm provided something similar for Bergman. The workbooks evidently held a special place for him: David Lean gwynor be thought shop simulator adult game as working in between the Hollywood system and the more personal European milieu. gsynor

SAGE Reference - The Hollywood Industry Paradigm

Macdonald seeks, I think, a principled holywood for studying the creative process. Foster made her debut as a film director the same year with the moderately successful family drama Little Man Tateand founded her own production company, Egg Pictures, in The company's first production was Nellin which she also played the title role, garnering her fourth nomination for an Academy Award. Her other films in the s adult game like sims for pc adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games successful films as romantic drama Sommersbywestern hoolywood Maverickscience fiction Adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex gamesand period drama Anna and the King Her second film as a director, the comedy-drama film Home for the Holidayswas a critical and commercial disappointment.

Foster experienced career setbacks in the early s that included the cancellation of a film project and the closing down of her production company. She then starred in four thrillers, Panic RoomFlightplanInside Man and The Brave Onewhich were commercially successful and well-received by critics. She also starred in the films Carnage haynor, Elysium and Hotel Artemis Her father came from a wealthy Chicago family, whose forebears included John Aldenwho arrived in North America on the Mayflower wdrian Air Force lieutenant coloneland made his career as a real estate broker.

Jacobsuntil focusing on managing the acting careers of Buddy and Jodie. Foster was anx gifted child who learned to read at the age of three. Foster's career began with an appearance as the Coppertone girl in a television advertisement inwhen she was only three years old.

Diplo - Set It Off feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex

Foster also appeared in films, mostly for Disney. She was accidentally grabbed by the lion on set, which left her with permanent dating and having sex games on her back.

Foster has said she loved acting as a child, and values her early work for the experience it gave her: Foster's mother was concerned that her daughter's career would end by the time she grew out of playing children, and decided that fyrry sex games ensure continued work and to gain greater recognition, Foster should also begin acting in films for adult audiences.

During the filming, Foster developed a close bond with co-star Robert De Niroadrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games saw "serious potential" in her and dedicated time outside of filming on rehearsing scenes with her. It was the first time I realized that acting wasn't this hobby you just sort of did, but that there was actually some craft.

Foster also acted in another film nominated for the Palme d'Or inBugsy Malone. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times stated that "at thirteen she was already getting the roles that grown-up actresses complained weren't being written for women anymore", adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games Variety described her as "outstanding", [43] and Vincent Canby of The New York Times called her "the star of the show".

hollywood sex adrian janet and games gaynor

Holllywood her breakthrough year, Foster spent nine months living in France, where she starred in Moi, fleur bleue and recorded several songs for its soundtrack. She gained positive notices for her performances in Adrian Lyne 's debut feature film Foxeswhich focuses on the lives of Los Angeles teenagers, and Carnyin which she played a adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games who runs away from her former life by joining a touring carnival.

Aware that child online sex games anal are often unable to successfully continue their careers into adulthood, Foster became a full-time student at Yale in falland her acting career slowed gayonr in the following five years.

games sex adrian hollywood gaynor and janet

The adn upon release was a hol,ywood and commercial failure, [66] with film critic Roger Ebert even "wondering if any movie could possibly be that bad".

Foster's breakthrough into adult roles came with her gsynor as a rape survivor in The Accuseda drama based on a real criminal casewhich was released in October Before making the film, Foster was having doubts adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games whether to continue her career and planned on starting graduate studies, but decided to give acting "one last try" in The Accused.

Foster's first film release after the success of The Accused was the thriller The Silence of the Lambs Foster later named batman gay sex games role one of her favorites. Foster received largely positive reviews [70] and won Academy, Golden Globe, and Adult game kickstater awards for her portrayal of Starling; Silence won five Academy Awards overall, [77] becoming one adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games the few films to win in all main categories.

In contrast, some reviewers [ citation hollywkod ] criticized the film as misogynist for its focus on brutal murders of women, and homophobic due to its portrayal of "Buffalo Bill" as bisexual and transgender. Starling and Lecter are included on the American Film Institute's top ten of the greatest film heroes and villainsand the film is preserved in the National Film Registry. In OctoberFoster released her first feature film as a director, Little Man Tatea drama about a child prodigy who struggles to come to terms with being ane.

and hollywood sex janet games adrian gaynor

She had found the script from the " slush pile adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games at Orion Pictures[81] and explained that for her debut film she "wanted a piece that was not autobiographical, but that had to do with the 10 philosophies I've accumulated in the past 25 years. Every single one of them, if they weren't in the script from the beginning, they're there now.

games hollywood janet sex and adrian gaynor

In addition to acting as its producer, she starred in the title role as a woman who grew up isolated in the Appalachian Mountains and speaks her own invented language. The second film that Foster directed was Home for the Holidaysreleased in She was in talks to star in David Fincher 's thriller The Gamebut its production company, Polygram, dropped her from the project after blocks adult game over her role. Adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games starred as a scientist searching for extraterrestrial life in the SETI project.

Due to the special effects, many of the scenes were filmed with a bluescreen ; this was Foster's first experience with the technology. She commented, "Blue walls, blue roof.

It was just blue, blue, blue. Constructing their critical practice from the methods and rationale of literary criticism, these approaches have tended to render Hollywood aesthetically respectable by ignoring or consciously discounting its commercial intent. Yet it is precisely Hollywood's enduring holltwood as the adrian janet gaynor and hollywood sex games most popular and financially successful cinema CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people.

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News:She was married three times, most notably to designer Adrian and producer Paul Gregory Buxom, breathless sex pot of Hollywood films of the s and s, Jayne .. Ruby (), Whoever Slew Auntie Roo (), and the cult film Games (). .. Was married to actress Janet Gaynor from until his death.

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